Idustrial Revolution started life back in 2006 - A lot has changed since... lichfield university_small

We are a small team of designers producing plugins and templates for Final Cut Pro 7 & X, Motion and After Effects. Our offices are based on the Lichfield Campus of the Staffordshire University in the UK.

The name comes from the Industrial Revolution. Not too far away from the office, back in the 18th century steam produced from burning coal powered amazing technological developments. We think people will look back at the time we are living in now and think the same, huge technological innovation.

Our designers and editors have been at the forefront of using Apple technology and software in creating content for broadcasters, corporate users and videographers

We were the first people in the world to have a graphic created in Motion aired on broadcast television.

We were the first to sell a commercially designed Motion Template.

With the launch of Final Cut Pro X and the tight integration with Motion, this has opened up enormous creative possibilities for the creation of effects. That's exactly where we intend to spend our time, we have more cool products on the way.

To get in contact with us email info (at) idustrialrevolution.com

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