XEffects Colour Rays

Free Plugin for Final Cut Pro X FCPX

Colour Rays is a free filter plugin for Final Cut Pro X that produces adjustable rays from video, stills or graphics, even those with alpha channels.

We took the built-in filter from Motion and added some important extra features. You can now colour the rays and set the threshold of the luminance where the rays begin. We've also added blend modes and a master effect slider.

This is a cool but simple effect, should you want bigger & better rays, then we suggest checking out the popular Volumetrix plugin. Take a look for yourself at the amazing effects with the free trial.

This plugin has been made free to download to the FCPX community, however please read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new #freeeffectfriday effects. 



Last modified on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 14:21

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