XEffects Flare Lights

Free Plugin for Final Cut Pro X FCPX

Flare Lights is a free plugin for Final Cut Pro X that produces fully adjustable light streaks from highlights on video.

Made popular by recent films such as Star Trek, this plugin can stretch out highlights horizontally, vertically or any angle from the 360 degree on-screen rotation control. There is also an OSC for the amount and published parameters for the threshold of highlights, the smoothness of the flare source and colour. 

This plugin is great for adding flares when the subject matter has high contrast such as nighttime shots. Works well on text too to give an organic feel, the parameters can be keyframed to make expanding or contracting flares.

This plugin has been made free to download to the FCPX community, however please read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new #freeeffectfriday effects.



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