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Sunday, 01 January 2012 00:00

Welcome to XEffects

what are_XEffectsWhat are XEffects?

XEffects is the brand name we've given our new product line of effects for Final Cut Pro X. When FCPX was launched last June, the ability to build custom effects in Motion 5 and export them to Final Cut opened up a whole new exciting world to us. We've been busy ever since.

Tech Transitions is our first product especially for Final Cut Pro X, the second is almost ready to go, the third is in good shape and we already have tested out functionality in the fourth. So as you might be able to tell it is going to be a busy time getting these exciting new products ready for market.

We've got many more effects planned for the future, but we are more than happy to recieve ideas, improvements or any bugs you might encounter using our products. 

Go to XEffects Tech Transitions product page.


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