XEffects Movie Promo 2

Free Template Plugin for Final Cut Pro X FCPX

Movie Promo 2 is a free generator plugin for Final Cut Pro X that displays text in a film trailer style

Building on the popularity of the first Movie Promo template, this free FCPX plugin displays text travelling in Z space with a light flare transitioning across the stainless steel styled text.

There are many parameters in this plugin that control the flare, flare colour, animation time and of course formattable text. You don't have to stick with the font we have used. Camera control adds perspective to the text's path. Lots of tweaks for lots of creativity.

To get lines of text following each other, just use multiple instances of the generator stacked on top and spaced out for timing.

This plugin has been made free to download to the FCPX community, however please read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new #freeeffectfriday effects.



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