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Free Plugin for Final Cut Pro X FCPX

Screen Pump is a great free title effect plugin that does away with the need to build screen pumps manually with keyframes in Final Cut Pro X. This is great not only for gamers who publish videos, but any production where a 'pump' or 'bump' can be used to enhance a recording or video footage.

It's exceeding easy to use, just drag the title effect above the clip you wish to pump and adjust the duration. Published parameters include the amount of zoom, the pause at full zoom and the acceleration curve of the zoom.

The effect can dragged up and down the timeline for accurate placement and it can also be copied and pasted to make a new screen pump. Apologies for our bad COD Black Ops play!

Thihis plugin has been made free to download to the FCPX community, however please read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new #freeeffectfriday effects.



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