XEffects Camera Transitions for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)




XEffects Camera Transitions are 28 effects for Final Cut Pro X that reproduce still & movie camera film effects as well as still & movie projector effects.


From a simple iris to a frame grabbing motordrive; from an SMPTE leader to a full 'sprockets on show' projector film slip, this pack contains a collection of popular film and camera effects.


The iris and shutters are perfect for rattling through a series of stills. Versions with freezes automatically pause moving footage through the effect for a realistic photographic 'snap.'


Build a sequence with all the leaders, different sized film slips with sprockets, frame twitches, dodgy splices and telecine winds you will need. 


Effects are customisable with direction changes, frame width, sharpness & roundness control and adjustable blur. We have also added a deinterlace option for freeze effects and broadcast safe filters for luminance control.


$49 buys you the 28 effects in the pack or you can test out the transitions on your projects by downloading the watermarked trial for free.


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8 build CamTrans


reelTransitions emulate still and movie camera effects and still & movie projection effects manBuilt by editors for editors, this pack will add creativity, style and impact to any production focalBuilt in freezes in shutter effects so you don't have to manually add holds in the FCPX timeline.
cursorAll effects are transitions, apply, edit and slip like any other transition in FCPX
plus-purpleTransitions contain many options to customise the effect to exactly the look you need. dollar$49 buys a pack of 28 transitions for delivery by instant download.  Restricted watermark period in free trial


X3 1 grid

X3 2 grid

X3 3 grid

X3 4 grid

 X3 5 grid

Demo: Side by Side Comparison

 Tutorial: Camera Transitions in Action


Sometimes demo videos look confusing. What effect is happening where? Is that an effect or a camera move? Is that  included in the pack?

This video shows the demo video with a splitscreen with the shots without the transitions. The Motordrives and Photo    Booth effects are one instance of the effects, not multiples. A great way to see exactly what you get for the money.

  A short tutorial on how to use Camera Transitions in Final Cut Pro X. Start getting creative!




Hosts Supported

System Requirements


Final Cut Pro X  (FCPX 10.0.6)

(Or above)

Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion / Mavericks

Version 10.7/10.8/10.9


FxFactory 4 

(No purchase neccessary)


1 Click on the download link


2 Install FxFactory  (No purchase is necessary to run XEffects CameraTransitions)


3 Restart Final Cut Pro X 


4 Find the XEffects Camera Transitions in the transition tab of the media inspector



Sorry but these effects will not run in previous versions of Final Cut Pro e.g 6 & 7



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