XEffects Toolkit for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

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XEffects Toolkit is a pack of 60 utility plugins and tools that make the hard tasks in editing easier. We set out to create the most advanced, most featured and most helpful set of tools on the market for Final Cut Pro X.


Designed by professional broadcast editors, this set of tools is perfect for work such as documentary, news or sport and it's also great for adding polish to corporate and event productions.


The plugins range from essential tools such as Subtitles, Caption Safe Area and Pillarbox Shoulders to fine tuning plugins like Alpha Adjust, RGB Channel Adjust or Channel Swap.


The Shrinkback series of plugins range from a Quad Split builder to a completely adjustable Shrinkback with beginning and end scale, position and individual side crop control. All have options to use the move at the beginning, end or both.


We feature a suite of tools for analysis. An Arrow Highlight, Circle Highlight, a Telestrator and Zoom Split Analysis that enlarges footage in a split compared to the original. The two Side Shade plugins allow a vertical or horizontal section of the screen to be darkened with a gradient for graphics or picture overlay. All have optional transitions so you don't have to add them.


The pack also contains a set of Variable Splits, Auto Zoom and Auto Rotate, Guides, 3D Spotlight and 3D Perspective as well as a set of Long Fades and more. We've also included industry standard VT Clocks and Countdown Slates!


$49 buys you the 60 effects in the pack, or you can test out the tools on your FCPX projects by downloading the watermarked trial for free. Go ahead, try them out!


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8 build Toolkit FCPX


dollar$49 buys a pack of 60 plugins for delivery by instant download. That's under a dollar a tool!  manDesigned by professional editors, these are robust tools built for the job dofWatermarked trial so you can test out the whole set of 60 plugins for free
cursorMany effects have on screen controls as well as comprehensive parameters in the inspector
plus-purpleExtra functionality built into effects such as start & end dissolves and moves
odoDesigned to perform complex visual tasks in Final Cut Pro quickly and easily


X4 toolkit- grid 1

X4 toolkit- grid 2

X4 toolkit- grid 3

X4 toolkit- grid 4

X4 toolkit- grid 5

X4 toolkit- grid 6

X4 toolkit- grid 7

X4 toolkit- grid 8

X4 toolkit- grid 9

X4 toolkit- grid 10

Demo: XEffects Toolkit in Action



In this demo video from Noise Industries, we run through many of the plugin tools within the XEffects Toolkit plugin pack.





Hosts Supported

System Requirements


Final Cut Pro X  (FCPX 10.0.9)


Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion / Mavericks

Version 10.7/10.8/10.9


FxFactory 4.1.1

(No purchase neccessary)


1 Click on the download link


2 Install FxFactory  (No purchase is necessary to run XEffects Toolkit)


3 Restart Final Cut Pro X 


4 Find the XEffects Toolkit in the effects, titles and generators of the effects browser. All 53 effects can be viewed by looking at Toolkit under Themes.



Sorry but these effects will not run in previous versions of Final Cut Pro e.g 6 & 7



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